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Risk Assessment

Identifying and Mitigating Risk

Experience has shown that although an employer may be aware of certain compliance issues, they are often unaware of others. Because of the multitude of laws affecting each stage of the employment process, it is extremely important for an employer to regularly conduct a Risk Assessment. This helps to identify regulatory compliance issues if they exist and avoids potentially costly fines or lawsuits, if otherwise ignored.

A Risk Assessment is a comprehensive review of current human resources policies, procedures and documentation to identify needs for improvement and enhancement as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.

We recommend a Risk Assessment as the first step in completing an Employee Handbook. Through this process we are able to educate decision makers on current laws and how they apply to their organization. This enables them to make informed decisions about policies and procedures. When the reasons and implications for policies and procedures are understood there is a greater likelihood for consistent implementation and enforcement than when they are not clearly understood.

Is Your Company at Risk?

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