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A positive, proactive approach to employee relations and compliance
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The Department of Labor Hired 100 New Auditors in 2015

They predict that this crackdown will reap at least $7 billion in federal revenue from non-compliance fines!

Not knowing the law or choosing to ignore the laws that apply to your business can be costly and dangerous. Fines and lawsuits that arise from non-compliance cost companies millions each year and could put your operation out of business if you are not taking the correct precautions.

Formally spelling out what is expected of employees and the type of environment one can expect to work in commands accountability and mutual respect.

We do our very best to ensure that your company is compliant. We are available to consult with you one-on-one by appointment and prepare a customized proposal based upon the specific needs of your company.

Workplace Discrimination Charges in 2014

Average Discrimination Defense and Settlement Cost

Services the We Provided

Managing Employees

  • Supervisor Training
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Assessments
  • Engagement Strategies

Managing the Workplace

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Succession Planning
  • Incentive Programs

Managing Safety & Risk

  • Safety Training
  • Safety Committees
  • Reducing Worker’s Comp Rates
  • Risk Assessments

What Our Clients are Saying

“I feel that HR Rescue Resources helped manage overall business risks and the potential for litigation based on policies that were not updated in a few years. I would highly recommend her for this service.”
Ray Brunner, President
West-Aircomm Federal Credit Union
“Lisa is an extremely smart, fair and detailed professional. Her legal knowledge will help any organization gain the proper SOPs and ways of handling situations/processes. I highly recommend Lisa Miller!.”
Colin Kleer, Associate Vice President
Level Interactive
“I have worked with Lisa through the Chamber of Commerce and other local groups. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to her again when I am in need of HR support and guidance..”
Terry Anderson, Franchise Owner
College Nannies & Tutors

Protect Your Company and Improve Employee Retention

Policies and procedures that meet compliance guidelines not only protect your company from costly fines and law-suits, they strengthen employee satisfaction. With a satisfied and productive workforce, costly turnover of staff is significantly reduced.

Losing one employee is estimated to cost a company anywhere from 50 – 150% of the lost employee’s salary in time and money spent to replace that employee.